About ADSource ZM

Although launched at the beginning of this year 2019. AdSource ZM has been a publication in the works for a long time  as the idea of informing people about technology dates back to 2012.

The minds behind ADSource ZM are autodidacts and have been in the tech retail space since the time Nokia was a big thing but got to blogging when Blackberry was king.

Meet the Team

We are the minds behind ADSource ZM.

George is a tech enthusiast with academic credentials in IT and social sciences.

Comfort is a medical student and a super user of tech gadgets.

Chris is a hardware guy with experience in repairs and builds machines.




The Workshop

We are in Kitwe at Plot 19/16 Chimamba Crecent, Riverside. You will love our trees in the yard if you come visit.

ADSource ZM is a Zambian Digital Technology Publication. We are a team of free spirits with a passion for technology. We have been helping people understand the technology they use in their everyday life. If you have found us, please feel free to get in touch. Welcome to our family.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso