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    One thing is for certain, numbers don’t lie! We have over 8,000 monthly unique website visitors at peak. Our audience is a niche market of tech enthusiasts and consumers alike.

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    ZMW 1,500

    We’ll write an informative article about your product or service to create awareness. Our writing style is keyword and research based so, your offering gets SEO visibility.


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    Paid product or service reviews are allowed on  our website. However, we’ve to test to write about your offering. Although paid, our reviews have to be authentic and honest.

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    Post your press release on our website for a very low fee. Your press release will be featured and hosted forever.

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    Submit your banner ads starting from as low as ZMW 350 for 14 days and ZMW 700 for the whole month.

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    Demographics of our audience

    Below is a representation of our website visitors by age and percentage to better help you tailor your advertisement. We believe in proof and our numbers clearly show.  Part of the data here can be confirmed by leading web traffic checking tools like SimilarWeb and Site Checker Pro. Alternatively, we can provide our most recent Google Analytics traffic reports before you make the decision to advertise with us.

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    Much of our traffic is Zambian

    Our traffic sources are from different countries but much of our website visitors are Zambian. Our rate of returning visitors keeps growing by 20% every month.

    There are a number of factors that influence website traffic but whatever the case, we still yield results. Since most of our content centres around Zambian topics, it’s highly likely that some visitors are Zambians in the diaspora.

    Most valuable ad platform

    With our website content already streamlined to attract a type of audience, you can easily place targeted ads. In addition, advertising on our website just makes sense because there’s reduced distractions compared to social media.

    Sponsored articles featured on our website are never deleted and continue running as in the lifetime of  ADSource Zambia.

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