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Multichoice: How to easily clear DStv and GOtv errors

Learn how to clear DStv and GOtv decoder errors with ease in Zambia, beat the headaches. After reading, you will know how to reset your decoder after payment to clear E16, E30, and E32 errors. Multichoice Zambia has many solutions to help you clear common errors after payment.

Always remember to ensure that your Smartcard is inserted (for DStv decoders) and your decoder is switched on when fixing errors. This is to enable your DStv or GOtv decoder to receive the reset instruction. Doing a reset to clear error codes when your decoder is off is like calling a phone that’s off, you never get through. Keep your Smartcard number (DStv decoder) or IUC number (GOtv decoder) handy.

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Common DStv and GOtv Errors

The most common DStv error codes are E 16, E30 and E32 because they are directly related to account payments. If your DStv or GOtv account hasn’t been paid for on the date of renewal; then you are most likely to get disconnected upon reaching the time of renewal (e.g., If you paid for your subscription on 10th June 2019 then your renewal date will be on 10th July 2019).

How to clear E16, E30, and E32 errors

You can clear payment-related error codes in Zambia by doing the following:

  • Using the Multichoice Zambia Eazy Self Service

    Visit the DStv Eazy Self Service page and make sure to keep your Smartcard number handy when you do. Enter the required details and login, then select the error you want to clear. Visit the GOtv Eazy Self Service page and follow the same steps as for DStv as the interface is practically the same.

  • Use the Multichoice Africa Manage Error Codes Page

    For DStv, visit the dstvafrica.com manage error codes page, select the error (E16, E30 or E32) you want to clear, enter your Smartcard number and click the “FIX NOW” button. For GOtv, visit the gotvafrica.com clear error codes page, enter your IUC Number, select the error (E16 or E30) you want to clear, enter the captcha text and finally click the “FIX ERROR” button.

  • Clear E16 via SMS

    For DStv, send a text message to 4333. Type “Reset E16” without the quotation marks and send the text to 4333. For GOtv, send a text message to 4688. Type “Reset E16” without the quotation marks and send the text to 4688. Standard SMS rates apply.


  • Use the Multichoice Self-care USSD

    Dial *668#, choose a service on the next screen option 1 for DStv and option 2 for GOtv. Enter your Smartcard number and follow the on-screen instructions. Please note that you will be charged K1 to use this service.

  • Contact an Agent

    You can call the Multichoice Zambia call centre on +260211368300. Send them an email on customerfirst@zm.multichoice.com. Reach them on their social media channels (Multichoice Zambia Facebook. Multichoice Zambia Twitter) or the WhatsApp line.

The best way to avoid DStv and GOtv E16, E30 or E32 decoder errors is to pay before the due date and Multichoice usually rewards on time paying customers. Read this article on how to pay for your DStv or GOtv package in Zambia.

In Conclusion

Clearing DStv and GOtv errors is something straightforward to do. Try clearing the errors on your own before contacting Multichoice Zambia. If you have paid for a higher or lower package than before on DStv or GOtv, it is a must to get in touch with Multichoice via the mentioned communication channels.

Thank you for reading, leave your comments or any help you may need and don’t forget to signup for the newsletter.

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