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Data bundles expensive in Zambia? Do this then…

Let’s face it, we all complain and feel limited when we browse the internet on data bundles. There has been talks that data is expensive in Zambia despite the many promos that are on the market. In this article I will cover how you can spend K595 for unlimited internet for your family and make 1.5GB of data last you a whole full month.

Here are the steps you need to take to have affordable unlimited internet in Zambia.

1. Register for home internet

Visit your nearest Microlink branch in your town and sign up for WIZ LTE. I should mention that you will part away with K2, 000 initially for the equipment and installation.

2. Pay for unlimited data bundles

Pay for the Home Starter unlimited internet package priced at K550 on the WIZ website, it will say something about the package being fit for a single user; however you can have a good connection for up to 7 devices. My sister’s and I watch Netflix at the same time on three different devices and it works perfectly fine.

3. Buy a 4G data sim card

Get yourself a Vodafone Sim Card. If you have a 4G capable smartphone, you are in luck and won’t need a MiFi. I use Vodafone in my Samsung S8 plus and iPhone 6S without any problems. Check to see if your phone is compatible.

If you wan to know how to configure your phone internet click here.

4. Buy monthly data bundles

Buy a monthly Vodafone 1GB bundle for K45 and you will be given a bonus of 500MB valid for a month making a total of 1.5GB.

5. Use monthly data bundles and unlimited together

This probably the most important step, be frugal with your Vodafone bundles, use your phone on the go for only less data consuming tasks like email and posting on social media sites without streaming video plus the icing on the cake is that WhatsApp on Vodafone is free except for calls. Get home after work or business and connect to your WIZ home internet and use it to your heart’s content, remember that it’s unlimited and never capped.


I hope this article is helpful to some people. However if K595 is too much for you to spend on a monthly basis, then you can try out some alternatives. This article is mainly for people who who have families or don’t leave alone. This article has not been sponsored by either Vodafone or Microlink and is just to help you decide. Please do feel free to reach out to me via the comment section below with whatever questions or contributions you may have. Do you know any better ways?

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