USB-C Cable

Don’t buy an Android phone in 2019 without this

Smartphones have evolved over the years and so have their charging/USB ports. The current trend by Android smartphone manufacturers is shipping out devices with a USB type C (USB-C) port and the shift can be visibly noticed from the recently (2018 – 2019) released flagship smartphones.

Chargers were not easy to find

Multiple chargers
One of the few multiple chargers.

In the past, it was difficult to find a charger that was compatible with your phone’s charging port until June 2009 when the European Union signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with mobile phone manufacturers to agree on a common external power supply (common EPS aka charger), for use with data-enabled mobile phones sold in Europe. The agreed on charger and USB type was Micro USB. Most of the new standard devices proved convenient and rolled out to other continents as most phones came from Europe.

Why Micro USB is being abandoned

MacBook USB
A MacBook that uses USB-C

USB-C cables carry more power enough to charge a laptop that’s why they are the best fit for fast charging in smartphones. Data transfer speeds on USB 3.0 are doubled up to 10Gbps with the use of USB-C. Every side of the connector is the right one, you can plug the charger in without checking which part is up or down.


Xiaomi USB C smartphone
Android smartphone with a USB-C port

USB-C is the connection type your next Android smartphone should have as it is better and allows convenience. Don’t buy an Android phone without USB-C unless a new solution is released.

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