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Nigeria, here are your DStv packages and prices

Just when you thought you knew your DStv package prices; they change. In this article, we cover DStv Nigeria package prices, so you never stress when making a payment, wondering what the current subscription fee is. Firstly, DStv is a pay-TV service from Multichoice Africa. As a pay-TV service, there are over 200 TV channels and 120 audio channels available on DStv. Channels are in a cluster of 5 standard packages – Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family, and Access. To gain access to content on any channel, you have to subscribe to a package.

Each standard DStv package gives you access to a set amount of channels. With this in mind, Premium bouquet costs the highest on the list of packages,  and grants subscribers access to unlimited content on offer, while Access costs the least and has fewer channels.

Besides the standard packages, Multichoice offers Addon packages that cannot be purchased standalone; these are DStv French Touch and DStv Indian. Subscribers have to pay for a standard bouquet then buy an Addon. Addon packages are targeted at members of an international community but are in Nigeria.

DSTV Nigeria packages

DStv Nigeria Package Prices for this year

Package: DStv Premium
Price: N29, 500
Channels: 150
So, Premium is the ultimate package for people who want access to entertainment, documentaries, sports, and much more without limitations. There are over 150 channels on DStv premium with additions of pop-up channels throughout the year. When subscribers get premium, they don’t only have unfettered access but get inline to receive rewards from competitions.

Package: DStv Compact Plus
Price: N19, 800
Channels: 140
Compact Plus has over 140 channels available and is the dream package for sports fans, as viewing is highly centered on sports. Subscribers enjoy access to the supersport group of channels, which are the center for soccer events, for example, the UEFA champions league and English premier league. Also, there is room for local and international entertainment.

Package: DStv Compact
Price: N12, 500
Channels: 130
Compact is a value package with over 130 channels available and is where Zambezi Magic starts. Subscribers have access to quality entertainment channels, namely, M – Net Action and M – Net series. Furthermore, access to local and international hit tv shows is guaranteed.

Package: Confam
Price: N7, 400
Channels: 100
Family package is ideal for family viewing and brings together a bond with children. Parental Guidance friendly viewing is the center of the package. However, with over 100 channels, there’s viewing content available for everyone.

Package: Yanga
Price: N4, 200
Channels: 90
Equally important for my frugal friends, Access is the budget package for those that can’t afford higher packages or want to know what DStv has to offer. Starting at a very low price of N 2,000, certainly, Access is the most affordable standard package. With access to over 90 channels, which comprise of Zee World and Telemundo, drama content is guaranteed.

Above all, if you want to make a quick comparison of package prices, visit the DStv Nigeria price comparison tool here.

DSTV Nigeria French Touch

DStv Nigeria Addon package prices

Package: DStv French Touch
Price: N4, 600
Channels: 10
Five channels may not seem like a lot to most people. However, French Touch is the add-on package for French speakers with a desire to view content in their language. Costing N1, 470, the price of this addon package won’t break the bank.

Package: DStv Indian
Price: N9, 000
Channels: 15
Finally, on the side of add-ons, the Indian package is the home of Bollywood content from the North and South of India. Buckle up for the thrills action and drama Bollywood has to offer from the over 15 channels available in the package at the cost of N5, 400 per month.

In the same vein, if you would like to see how much DStv Zambia packages cost, click here.

Multichoice advice on DStv package payment

If you are making payment for DStv, for an inactive account, ensure that the decoder is turned on, receiving signal, and smartcard inserted to avoid common errors. To avoid disconnection, ensure that you make payments before the due date – Multichoice usually advises this.

Ways to pay for DStv in Nigeria

According to the DStv Nigeria website, there are many ways to pay for a package ranging from internet banking to points of sale. This is what the official DStv website says:

Payments are now easy with DStv Africa Self Service. You can now pay for your subscription or help others pay for their DStv subscription. You need to enter the details of the person you want to pay for, verify the account, and that you are paying the correct account.

We have multiple payment options you can use to pay or reconnect your DStv account, such as MyDStv App, Internet Banking, USSD, Debit Order, or you can visit our Walk-in Centres or your nearest store to top-up. DStv NIgeria Website


If the payment made is for a package higher or lower than the one previously paid for, inform the salesperson or call center to ensure that an upgrade or downgrade is successful. On the other hand, you can reach Multichoice on WhatsApp by clicking on this number +234 908 236 8533 to chat with customer support if you are on mobile.

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