DStv Zambia packages and prices are usually on the mind of the Zambian MultiChoice customer. This is due to a number of reasons. Some customers want to know what’s new in their favourite bouquet while others are more interested in the price. This maybe cliché and you’ve probably seen quite a number of blogs posting prices; we promise that this article is good. So, in this article, we cover all the packages available on DStv Zambia and how how you have to pay for them. Before we begin, bear in mind that this list or price roundup begins with the cheapest to the most expensive package on the platform.

DStv Zambia packages and prices 2021

Currently, there are five standard and three add-on bouquets available for customers. DStv Access is the cheapest package with entry-level access while Premium is the highest and grants access to all channels on the platform — channels that are in the standard packages. In brief, the DStv Zambia packages are priced as follows: DStv Access K145, DStv Family K260, DStv Compact K400, DStv Compact Plus K530, and DStv Premium K995. There has been a slight upward adjustment of package prices by MultiChoice if we compare to the previous pricing. Kindly read on to discover which package is best for your viewing needs.

DStv Zambia package prices

Standard packages

Package: DStv Access

Price: K145

Channels: 90

Description: Although an entry-level package DStv Access doesn’t underdeliver on quality entertainment. But, it is important to remember that it’s a basic package, so content priority isn’t much here. You’ll however be able to access Zee World and Telemundo. The package is very affordable going at K145 monthly and K1,595 annually. As can be observed MultiChoice gives a discount of one month when a customer pays for the whole year. So, instead of paying for 12 months — you just have to pay for 11 months and get the 12th free.

Package: DStv Family

Price: K260

Channels: 100

Description: Just as the name entails, DStv Family is a package with channels curated for family viewing. According to MultiChoice, the package has over 100 TV and audio channels. If you decide to subscribe to the Family bouquet, you’ll gain access to quality channels including Sony Max, Africa Magic movies and more. Although a budget package going at K260, subscribers are in for a treat.

Package: DStv Compact

Price: K400

Channels: 140

Description: If the two previous DStv packages are not your thing and you crave a little more, then DStv Compact might be it. DStv Compact is a midrange package with over 140 TV and audio channels. This is the package where premium viewing starts, thanks to channels like M-Net Action and M-Net series. Animal and nature lovers can consider DStv Compact a treasure trove thanks to Animal Planet and National Geographic. DStv Compact is currently going at K400.

Package: DStv Compact Plus

Price: K600

Channels: 150

Description: DStv Compact Plus has world-class entertainment and sports channels. With Compact Plus, subscribers enjoy SuperSport channels and European soccer. There’s a lot of viewing/listening options from over 150 TV and audio channels to choose from. If your DStv Compact Plus is active, then you can watch TV online through the DStv Now App. All the perks in the package come at a sweet price of K600 — it’s definitely for people who want more.

Package: DStv Premium

Price: K995

Channels: 190

Description: DStv Premium is the ultimate package with unfettered access to entertainment, latest movies and more. DStv Premium customers receive exclusive offers and perks. For example, ShowMax is available to customers on the package for free and access is available right on the Explora decoder. While in other bouquets, ShowMax can be purchased as an add-on but can’t be accessed on the decoder but on a smartphone or tablet. As a premium subscriber, live sports coverage, latest movies and top documentaries are at your disposal. DStv premium is currently going at K995.

DStv Zambia packages and prices summary

DStv Zambia package Channels Price per month Price per year
Access bouquet 90 K145 K1, 595
Family bouquet 100 K260 K2,860
Compact bouquet 140 K400 K4,400
Compact Plus bouquet 150 K600 K6,600
Premium bouquet 190 K995 K10,945

If you pay close attention to the annual price, it’s clear that MultiChoice gives a month’s worth discount. In case you’re a numbers person, the discount is roughly 8.33%. It’s a shocker that premium customers don’t get a higher discount.

DStv Zambia prices adsourcezm DStv Indian add on

Add-on packages

Do you remember that we mentioned DStv add-on packages as well? Well, there are three (3) DStv Zambia add-on packages, namely Great Wall, Indian and Portuguese. As it has always been the case, DStv add-on packages are just that — they are add-ons. In sum, you can’t buy an add-on package alone, there’s need to subscribe to a standard package first. Below is the pricing information for each package. Before we let you in on the prices, bear in mind that the annual payment with one a month discount doesn’t apply to add-ons.

In brief, DStv Zambia add-on packages are priced as follows DStv Great Wall K125, DStv Indian K190 and DStv Portuguese K260.

Package: DStv Great Wall

Price: K125

Channels: 10

Description: DStv Great Wall is a bouquet with a focus on Chinese content with channels ranging from entertainment to variety shows. The package has a decent number of TV channels standing at 10 but has only one audio channel. According to the DStv website, the package is for the Asian community in Africa as well as Africans who are curious about Chinese culture.

Package: DStv Indian

Price: K190

Channels: 20

Description: On our list of DStv add-on packages, DStv Indian has the most generous offering of over 20 TV channels for the low price of K190. In addition, the content is diverse, delivering prime Indian entertainment to suit different tastes. Fortunately for DStv Premium customers, DStv Indian can be added upon request. Although an amazing offer, there are no audio channels in the package.

Package: DStv Portuguese

Price: K260

Channels: 4

Description: Although only having four TV and zero audio channels, DStv Portuguese is the most expensive add-on package. The current subscription fee for DStv Portuguese is K260! The bouquet is rich in Portuguese telenovelas, sports and news. We think it’s probably a good bargain for those who subscribe to it.

DStv Zambia add-on packages and price summary

DStv Zambia add-on package Number of channels Price
Great Wall 10 K125
Indian 20 K190
Portuguese 4 K260


There are lot of offers and innovations from the leading pay-tv provider in Zambia. In other words, there’s plenty to choose from. DStv has the largest pay-tv subscriber base in the country. As a result, it’s not a rare site to find people talking about their favourite local TV shows on Zambezi Magic and One Zed. Anyways, this is a list of the approved DStv Zambia package prices. For quick updates and further information, leave a comment below or click the bell icon. Thank you for reading and kindly check out other great articles on our site.

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