Glo Berekete: Everything you need to know

Glo Berekete: Everything you need to know

Glo Berekete is a tariff plan for prepaid customers that comes packed with data and voice bonuses. Subscribers have to top up a minimum of N100 in order to qualify. The tariff plan is available to both new and old customers, but there is a fine print for customers who have been on the network for over 120 days. In this article, we simplify the Glo Berekete tariff plan the best way possible.

Before reading on, remember that this is a tariff plan and not a promotion. It is highly likely that it is here to stay.

How it works

Subscribers have to recharge their lines with a minimum of N100 in order to qualify for the data and voice bonus. As a promo, Berekete gives subscribers bonuses as much as N20,000 for voice to call all networks and 5GB data from one recharge. So, it is safe to say that the bonus is based on your recharge. 

In addition, new subscribers on the network, Globam, receive a welcome bonus of N600 from a top-up of N100. Another reward for the new subscriber is that she gets 100% extra data on data purchases between N50 and N10,000 – to use between 12 am and 5 am daily. The data bonus will automatically stop after four months. Equally, subscribers who have been on the network for less than 120 days qualify for the 100% data bonus, even if they switch to another tariff plan.

Bear in mind that all bonuses are valid for 7 days only and if unused will expire. But, recharging within the validity period will extend the expiry of the current bonus.

New subscribers to Globam (Glo Nigeria) are placed on Berekete by default but old customers have to dial *230#  to join the new tariff plan.


Glo Berekete voice and data bonus explained

The N600 welcome bonus for new subscribers after a minimum recharge of N100 is clustered. N400 to call all networks at the rate of 70 Kobo per second and N200 converted to 200MB data as 1MB costs N1. The N600 welcome bonus is one-off and does not apply to follow up recharges.

All other recharges have a 700% bonus value that is shared between voice and data. Out of the 700% total bonus, 57% goes to voice and 43% gets allocated to data. In addition, there are some automatic data bonuses in (MBs) and a special data bonus for the first recharge of the month.

Below is a table for all voice and data bonus volumes

Voice and data bonus volumes


Recharge Amount Main Account All-Net Voice Bonus  Value Data Bonus Value Total Bonus Value (700%) Data Bonus (MB) Special Data Bonus on 1st Recharge of The Month (MB)
N100 N100 N400 N300 N700 40mb 40mb
N200 N200 N800 N600 N1,400 80mb 200mb
N500 N500 N2,000 N1,500 N3,500 200mb 500mb
N1,000 N1,000 N4,000 N3,000 N7,000 400mb 1,000mb
N5,000 N5,000 N20,000 N15,000 N35,000 2,000mb 5,000mb


New customers and subscribers who have been on the Glo Nigeria network for less than four months have a night bonus on their data purchase. The night bonus bundle is available for use between 12 am and 5 am.

Glo Berekete new customer data volumes


Data Price Data Volume Night Bonus Validity Days
50 90MB 5MB 1
100 205MB 35MB 1
200 440MB 110MB 2
500 1.6GB 550MB 14
1,000 3.4GB 1.0GB 30
1,500 6.25GB 600MB 30
2,000 9.0GB 600MB 30
2,500 12GB 900MB 30
3,000 16.25GB 1.0GB 30
4,000 18.25GB 1.0GB 30
5,000 30GB 1.25GB 30
8,000 36GB 2.0GB 30
10,000 46GB 4.0GB 30
15,000 86GB 7.0GB 30
18,000 109GB 10.0GB 30
20,000 126GB 12.0GB 30


For any further assistance, call the Glo Nigeria call centre on 121 or visit their website on Gloworld Nigeria and engage on their Live Chat. Alternatively, connect with them via their social media handles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or visit a Gloworld retail outlet near you.


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Glo Berekete tariff plan video AD


Key takeaways

  • Berekete is a tariff plan which gives 700% voice and data bonus

  • The 700% bonus is split between voice (57%) and data (43%)

  • It is not a promotion

  • Subscribers need to recharge with minimum N100

  • New subscribers get a welcome bonus of N600

  • There is up to 100% bonus on data plans

  • New subscribers are on the plan by default

  • Old subscribers have to dial the Berekete code *230#

  • Available to prepaid customers only


Berekete is a good tariff with great rewards, especially for new subscribers. But, the downside is the bonus validity period – 7 days is just too short. It will be a lot better if the validity period gets an extension of an extra 7 day, 14 days is not bad at all. Furthermore, a 50/50 split of voice and data bonus could have been better instead of the current 57/43.


What do you think about this tariff plan? Write your answers in the comment section below.

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