Is this Simon Mwewa’s heir to Simoson?

Different surnames but Makani resembles Simon very much - it's like he is his younger version. Who is Makani Kabeta and why does he resemble Simon so much?

Simon Mwewa Chitambala is not your average Facebook dad as he’s an influencer, teacher of English and a comedian in his own right. You should check out his dad jokes – out of this world! Mr. Chitambala is well-known for his witty play on grammar, funny bite videos from Lusaka and interviews with local celebrities. But, there is something brewing up on Facebook involving Mr Mwewa and it’s related to inheritance.

In case you didn’t know, Mwewa is well-known for taking over and managing the somewhat perennial business centers, Simoson buildings. In short, he inherited the buildings from his father. His story of inheritance is something very public and he freely talks about it. But, he has faced some backlash from some local influencers, in the past. Surrounding his inheritance after he participated in a stale beef between the Copperbelt and Lusaka. Being a Lusaka resident, Mwewa did a parody video of the beef by mocking the Copperbelt.

The influencers from the Copperbelt didn’t understand the joke – they retaliated and mocked him for taking pride in his inheritance. Anyways, the beef was over like it never began. Although during the time he was being mocked over his inheritance, Mr Mwewa gave his rebuttal saying “Inheritance is not a bad thing”.

So who is going to takeover from Simon Mwewa?

Some people on Facebook have been making assumptions that a man by the name of Makani Kabeta maybe the one to. Different surnames but Makani resembles Simon very much – it’s like he is his younger version. Who is Makani Kabeta and why does he resemble Simon so much? Some people have been speculating that he is an illegitimate son while others think they’re related. So, we did some digging into Makani and found that he is not in any way related to Simon or wants to inherit his properties as alleged by some Facebook mulomoists.

Makani is Tonga by tribe, a father of two boys and works at a reputable bank. Both his parents are alive and still married. Clearly him being Simon’s son is just social media gossip.

We had a chat with Makani and he laughed the gossip off and showed us the many messages and comments he gets on his photos mentioning Simon. Some of the comments users typed are listed below.

“Go get your inheritance.”

“Elo you look like him plus na accent elo.”

“Simoson is waiting.”

As you have come to now know, Makani isn’t related to Simon Mwewa and the two just resemble as a result of the universe and nature. Need we say more?

If you like beer then Chipata isn’t the right town for you currently.

Equally, we don’t know who is going to inherit the Simoson buildings as we have established that Makani isn’t his son. Do you know the next heir? Kindly type in the comments below and share this story.

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