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Mutale is kind of a big deal because she has 184,000 page likes and 250,000 followers on her page. She's grown her brand to a point where she has named her followers Mutalians -- this is a play on her name.

Mutale Mwanza is a Lusaka based media personality currently taking the limelight in Zambia. It begs the question as to why though? Well, Mwanza is already in the media because she works in the field and at one of the most popular radio stations in the country. At first glance to outsiders, she looks ordinary but she’s a defiant person towards the status quo. We put this roundup to best introduce you to who she is as a person.

Mutale Mwanza 101

She’s a radio journalist

Mwanza is a radio journalist currently working for HOT FM in Lusaka where she doubles as a journalist and radio show host. The radio station is known for producing topnotch talent and names in the likes of Taffy, Kaliwa and the voice man Chi (chinyota). The station reaches a broad audience in Lusaka, Central province and the Copperbelt.

Mutale is Facebook famous and has an army

Mutale is kind of a big deal because she has 184,000 page likes and 250,000 followers on her page. She’s grown her brand to a point where she has named her followers Mutalians — this is a play on her name. Clearly, she has become a force to reckon with when it comes to success. Her brand is about positivity and entrepreneurship — a dream for most people. Although confrontational and can fight her battles, Mutale’s followers also referred to as M-Army — by herself — will destroy anyone against her.

How she makes her money

Mutale Mwanza services

We’re sorry to disappoint you, it’s not Jezebel Oil, companies and people pay her to advertise for them. At the time of writing, the promotional price for posting on her page is K500. Imagine if she does 10 posts per day! It appears that she currently has sponsorship deal with a renowned Hotel. Another income stream is her mentorship seminars. Had it been in more developed countries, she would’ve published a book by now.

She’s an inspiration to most women

When it comes to female socialites in Zambia, not may of them are doing well financially. Most are usually known for comedy but have nothing to show for it, on the other hand, Mutale has money. Her page attracts higher advertising fees because she has an elitist personal brand.

Controversies surrounding the media personality

In showbiz, it’s often quoted that there’s no such thing as bad press, the only bad is lack of it. The media personality has received some bad press surrounding her personality, lifestyle and unknown net worth. This is not an uncommon sight because because Zambia is a highly indebted poor country. Much of the Zambian population lives on a dollar a day. When and if an individual has money and is on social media — she’ll get noticed.

Dope Boyz release a song with her voice

Dope Boyz extracted her voice off her radio rant and put it on their song, Kebe ba Wiso. Early 2020, Mutale took to the radio to barrage social media users who wrote negative comments about her. She called them “ba koswe, ba kwindi and ba mbeba”. On the rant, she further adds that people who talk negatively about her are not her caliber. “On the top 3 people you fear on earth, I must be second” Mutale emphasizes.

Mutale Mwanza owns a Ford Wildtrak and Range Rover

Mutale Mwanza cars

Mutale Mwanza cars 2

The media personality took Zambian media by storm when she surprised fans and haters by acquiring a Ford Wildtrak. Soon after, a Range Rover followed with a custom number plate. There’s been speculation all over social media and gossip blogs over the source of her two vehicles. Some conspiracy theorists convoluted a story that she uses black magic.
According to them, she supposedly uses a snake oil known as Jezebel which gives her authority over men by making them do what she wants. Honestly, the black magic story sounds like an excerpt from a Nigerian movie, it’s baseless. Another theory surrounding the vehicles is that she received them from a named ZRA official through blackmail. The only reliable information available at the moment is that she owns them.

Police interrogate her over her vehicles

As stated earlier, Zambia is very poor and celebrities from the country barely make ends meet. For example, most Zambian musicians can’t afford a car and they’re supposed to be highest earners among celebrities. And for those that buy can only afford used Japanese vehicle brands. As a result, police took keen interest in her case. According to an article on Zed Gossip, Ms Mwanza confirms being interrogated by police in a HOT FM news cover. She wasn’t happy about he interrogation because it lasted for 3 hours. Mutale threatens to sue people who defame her on social media as the two vehicles are as a result of her hard work.

Mutale Mwanza K2,000 women’s conference causes uproar

Mutale mwanza conference

There’s an uproar on Facebook surrounding Mutale Mwanza’s women’s conference because of how much it costs — K2,000. The conference is scheduled for March 8, 2021 and will feature Maria Zaloumis, popularly known as the Zed Farmer. In retrospect, there hasn’t been a conference costing this much from well-known success coaches like Dumisani Ngcube, Mubita Nawa or Walter Mwambazi. Realistically speaking, K2,000 isn’t a lot of money for a conference as it converts to $100 only. The complaints on the service fee confirm the high levels of poverty in the country.
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