How to pay for DSTV and GOtv in Zambia
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How to pay for DStv packages in Zambia

Paying for DStv in Zambia is now effortless thanks to the many payment methods available. You can pay for your DStv package via USSD/mobile banking, online and local stores.

Third party vendors in the likes of mobile networks via mobile money, commercial banks, cGrate, and Kazang offer Multichoice transaction processing. In other words, paying for your favourite bouquet can be done anywhere.

In this guide, we cover how you can pay for your DStv package in Zambia via the many available payment methods.

Click here if you would like to know how much DStv and GOtv packages cost before proceeding with this guide.

Here’s how to pay for DStv via

USSD/Mobile Banking App

  1. Airtel Money
  2. Atlas Mara
  3. EcoBank
  4. MTN Mobile Money
  5. First National Bank
  6. Stanbic Bank
  7. Zamtel – Zamtel Kwacha
  8. Zanaco

Online Banking

  1. Atlas Mara
  2. Barclays

Local Stores

  1. Multichoice authorised dealer
  2. cGrate – 543
  3. Kazang

Airtel Money

To be able to pay for a DStv package using Airtel Money, you have to be registered for the service and have money on your account.

Airtel money

Follow the steps below to complete your payment.

1. Dial *778#.

2. Select Pay Bill.

3. Enter pin.

4. Select Pay DStv.

5. Enter amount.

6. Enter your account number.

7. Confirm payment


Pay for DStv on Atlas Mara bill payments

For Atlas Mara customers, you need to have mobile banking activated to use the USSD for bill payments or other services.

Follow the guide below to make payment.

1. Dial *328#

2. A welcome message will appear.

3. Enter your mobile banking pin code.D

4. A display of bill options will appear

5. From bill options choose DStv.

6. Enter your customer/smartcard number


How to use EcoBank App to pay for DStv

For EcoBank customers, you will need to download the mobile app.

Follow the instructions below to make your payment.

1. Select pay bill

2. Select Television

3. Select GOtv/DStv and bouquet

4. Enter IUC/Smartcard number

5. Enter Amount

6. Pay

7. Enter App Pin to proceed

You will get an e-receipt after successful payment


MTN Mobile Money

To make payments for your favourite DStv package, ensure that you are registered for the service and have some money on your account.

MTN Zambia Mobile Money

To make payments via MTN Mobile Money, follow the prompts below.

1. Dial *303#.

2. Select Pay Bill.

3. Choose either DStv.

4. Enter account/smart card number.

5. Enter bouquet package amount.

6. Enter pin and confirm.

You will receive a confirmation SMS after the transaction is complete.


First National Bank

If you are an FNB customer, you need to have mobile banking activated to access USSD.

To make payments using your FNB account, follow the steps below.

1. Dial *130*321#

2. A welcome message will appear.

3. Enter your secret five digit pin code.

4. A screen with balance and options will appear

5. Choose Prepaid if you wish to pay for bills, which is option 1.

6. On the Prepaid Option, choose option 3 for Pay TV.

7. Choose DStv.

8. After choosing DStv, enter your customer/ smartcard number.

9. Enter an amount; then you will receive a confirmation message.


Stanbic Bank

If you are a Stanbic Bank customer, you can pay for DStv Zambia packages via the mobile banking USSD menu. You need to have money on your account for the transaction to go through.

To make payments, follow the steps below.

1. Dial *247# from your mobile

2. Enter your PIN

3. Select option 5 – Value Added Service

4. Choose option 3 – Pay TV

5. Choose payment option DStv/GOtv

6. Choose package

7. Press 1 to pay from the main account

8. Enter smartcard/IUC number

9. Confirm payment


Zamtel – Zamtel Kwacha

Make a payment for your DStv package on Zamtel Kwacha. You need to be a Zamtel subscriber and subscribed for the service.

zamtel kwacha

Follow the guidelines set below to pay successfully.

1. Dial *344#

2. Pay Bill.

3. Pay DSTV/GOTV/Box office

4. Enter amount:

5. Enter your pin:

6. Enter account number



If you are a Zanaco customer with Xapit or mobile banking activated, you will be able to make payment.

1. Dial *444#

2. Enter PIN

3. Select Option 6

4. Choose Option 1

5. Choose Option 1 for DSTV or 2 for GOTV

6. Enter Customer number/Smart Card

7. Select 1 to pay for your subscription

8. Enter amount due

9. Enter Ngwee

10. Enter 0 to confirm


Online Banking


Atlas Mara

If you prefer making payments online, then you can do so on the Atlas Mara website.

1. Go to the website, and the welcome screen for Atlas Mara bank will appear.

2. Enter Username.

3. Enter Password

4. Pay DStv.

5. Use your Customer number as a Reference and Transaction will be completed.



Barclays bank Zambia customers can make payments for their DStv packages online.

Follow these easy steps to have your subscription activated.

1. Go to the Barclays Zambia website a

2. welcome screen for Barclays will appear.

3. Enter Username.

4. Enter Password.

5. Select pay DStv.

6. Use your Customer number as a reference and,

The purchase will be complete.


Stanbic Bank

You need to be a Stanbic Bank customer to use the service. This service will grant you access to DStv payments.

Follow the steps below to make payment easily.

1. Go to the Stanbic Zambia website

2. A welcome on-screen message for Standard Chartered will appear.

3. Enter Username.

4. Enter Password

5. Pay DStv.

6. Use your assigned customer number as a Reference,

The transaction will be complete.


Local stores

Most local stores or kantembas in Zambia have Point of Sale devices that can be used to pay for pay tv services such as DStv or GOtv.


Multichoice authorised dealer

Authorised dealers use Multichoice direct Point of Sale machines that strictly process DStv and GOtv transactions. The main benefit of a Multichoice point is sale is that some dealers can instantly reconnect or upgrade account packages.

You can make payments in store at a location nearest to you.


Pay for DStv packages with cGrate – 543

cGrate is a point of sale machine for multiple prepaid services with an ability to process DStv and GOtv payments. Have it in mind that wherever you see a cGrate 543 branding, DStv payments are usually there.


Here’s how an agent can process your transaction.

1. Go to Menu.

2. Select Payment.

3. Select DStv

4. Select bouquet.

5. Enter DStv Smartcard number /Account Number and

6. Confirm the transaction.


Pay for DStv using  Kazang

Kazang is more than just a go-to point of sale device for airtime but many prepaid services that range from insurance premiums to Multichoice payments.

You can make a payment at a store that is nearest to you with Kazang machine.

Here’s how you can do Multichoice transactions on the machine.

1. Go to Menu.

2. Select Kazang Payment.

3. Select DStv.

4. Choose Pay and bouquet name (e.g., Pay Premium).

5. Enter the account number.

6. Confirm invoice Period.

7. Confirm transaction.


Remember that if the platform you are using to pay for your DStv or GOtv package isn’t showing bouquets or add-ons; be sure to put the total amount for the package or its extras. You can then get in touch with Multichoice representatives to work on your account.


Here’s what to do (Do)

Always remember to keep your customer/Smartcard number handy when making payments. Ensure that the decoder is on and able to receive a signal to avoid common errors like E16, E30, or E32


Here’s what not to do (Don’t)

Remove the Smartcard from the decoder when making payments. Carry the decoder to a pay point.

For more information or updates on how to pay for your DStv packages in Zambia, click here.

In closing

There are many ways that you can use to make payments for DStv or GOtv in Zambia. Whether you are using mobile money, mobile banking, or online payments, you can be sure to have your package subscription activated. If you’re upgrading your package, make sure to get in touch with the call center, WhatsApp customer support or email.


Are there other services or payment options you know? Post them in the comment section below.

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  1. what happens if I want to upgrade from Family to Compact plus using the mobile money especial some of us who knock off very late

    1. You can pay for Compact and then contact the call center via WhatsApp here.

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