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Tint Africa is the new free directory for African businesses

Tint Africa is the all new feature-rich and powerful online directory aimed at African businesses. And, it couldn’t have come at a better time than now. As you may know, it’s a fact that submitting a website to a good online directory builds credibility and quality backlinks.

Online directories are essential in giving businesses credibility because they provide social proof through customer reviews. In addition, quality backlinks help boost website SEO. Ever wondered why Yelp, Manta, Google My Business and general yellow pages sites are popular?

Online directories are essential for a successful online presence and digital strategy. Although Yelp, Manta and Yellow Pages are popular — their feature & design approach is built for non-African markets. The features are simple because businesses — most of them do — are expected to have an already existing digital strategy and heavy online presence.

However, most African businesses and entrepreneurs don’t have the know-how or capacity to create a solid online presence. Therefore, a feature rich platform like Tint Africa fixes that problem. It can’t be argued that business directories are essential.

PS: It’s a good idea to submit your website to as many legitimate directories as possible.

So, how’s Tint Africa different from the plethora of African directories all over the internet? Well, in this article, we cover what the business directory is all about and what makes it special.

Tint Africa is more than just a business listing directory

Looking at the Tint Africa website, it has a clean and eye-catching design that’s unapologetically Afrocentric. But, its beauty is a drop in the ocean in comparison to the many powerful features it holds. As a directory, the website has three listing types: Places, Events and Jobs. A business can leverage all listing types for a strong online presence.

NB: In order to add a listing, users have to create an account where they can easily sign up with Google or Facebook.


When adding a listing type, place is the main feature with a design approach to profile a business. Consider this a bio section of a business. When listing, users can enter their business description, website, region, phone number, physical address and image gallery.

After entry, the website automatically formats the data in a Google and human friendly design. In addition, phone numbers, contact forms and websites are stored in containers to protect businesses from unsolicited spam emails.

The human friendly design feature allows customers to leave reviews about a business. Furthermore, Tint Africa uses Google’s powerful reCaptcha service which enables authentic review submissions to protect online reputation.

Reviews are a great way to get authentic customer feedback about products and services. When it comes to reviews, customers can a rate business’ hospitality, service, pricing and leave an overall rating. Evidently, customer feedback has proven to be important — that’s why feedback tools like Survey Monkey are popular.


Instead of using another platform to post events, businesses can directly post their events. A business can add a description of an event, a countdown timer, location, store and event date. Customers who visit the event listing can sync the event date with their Google calendar.


Gone will be the days that businesses have to visit job board websites which inundate them with irrelevant emails. With Tint Africa, a business can post a job description, upload necessary files, enter a salary range, qualification and vacancy type. The listing has social sharing options to guarantee a broader reach.

Online directory with African consumers in mind

For Tint Africa to proclaim itself as an African business directory is half the story. The platform isn’t only good for businesses but individuals alike. For example, if somebody wants to order a pizza and does a quick search: results with pizzerias appear.

The customer doesn’t necessarily have to visit the directory but they can search on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Since the platform covers the whole Africa, it’s highly likely that customers will receive results relevant to them. Finding information and getting in touch with businesses has never been simpler.

No other African directories are boosting businesses

Lack of an online presence is affecting businesses because customers are using the internet now, more than ever. Because of the lockdowns, customers are searching the internet for products and services with options for delivery. But not many businesses can afford online marketing.

Since many businesses are struggling to capture leads or receive inquiries due to budget limitations and minimal online presence. Tint Africa has a free offer. Currently, the directory is offering its Cheetah package for FREE.

The Cheetah package is for businesses that want try out the efficiency of the directory or can’t afford to pay. In addition there’s no need for a credit card to buy the package. The Eagle and Lion packages are premium but are reasonably priced to suit businesses with many locations.

Final thoughts

Tint Africa is a great platform for African entrepreneurs, businesses and consumers. There are many African directories online but not many come even close to Tint Africa. Usually, new innovations aren’t easily embraced but this online business directory should be every business’ marketing tool.

Our readers get a 30% discount on the premium Eagle and Lion packages by entering AD4NXE3Q on checkout. The coupon is valid until March 3, 2021.

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