Ulendo taxi is Zambia Uber Equivalent

Ulendo Taxi: Others have Uber, Zambia has Ulendo

Ulendo Taxi is an app that helps you get a taxi nearest to you based on your location in Zambia. If you have no car and ever left a nightclub in the late hours or attended a social event, like your cousin’s wedding that ended late, you would wish Zambia had Uber. Your wish is already close to accurate in Zambia in the form of Ulendo taxi app.

For someone who has used Uber before, the Ulendo taxi app will be a breeze but no need to worry if you have never used Uber because the app is very intuitive.

Ulendo Taxi App Download

You can download the Ulendo taxi app for Android and iOS. Ulendo has two app versions available in the Play Store and App Store. Play Store has the app versions as ULENDO for the passenger and Ulendo Driver application for the driver while App Store has the app versions as Ulendo taxi for the passenger Lusaka, Zambia and Ulendo Driver app for the driver.

Ulendo App Features – Passenger

When you open the app, the main screen displays your location with a button at the bottom to set your pickup point. You can pan around the map near to arrange your pickup point, but the app triangulates your location by default.

Tap the top left menu button to reveal options. On top, you will notice a profile picture avatar or any picture you may have set there. Below will be your registered name on the app, followed by your full mobile number. Options on the navigation area are:

  • My bookings

My bookings displays your recent orders in the app, including ones that you may have canceled. The order details reveal your last pickup points.

  • Wallet

Wallet allows you to initially add a credit or debit card (you can manually enter your details or tap on the camera icon to scan your card and automatically fill in the required data) then later allows you to store money that you can use for rides.

  • Promo

Promo has a field that allows you to enter a promo code for discounts and bonuses.

  • Profile

Profile is where you can edit your account details such as name, mobile number, and email address. You can also log out or delete your account from this screen/window.

  • Get in touch

Get in touch has the Call us, Email us and social buttons. Tap the Call US button to trigger a prompt to call the Ulendo taxi contact number +260975521680. Tap the Email us button to trigger a prompt to send an email to ulendotaxi@gmail.com (you may see many email app options; just select your preferred app). Tap on one of the social media links to visit their account on a social platform of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram).

Ulendo Taxi Rates

When you set your pickup, you can choose a service on the next screen, namely Basic, Ulendo for Business and Girls drive Girls (for women that prefer to be driven by other women only). Tap on the top left arrow button to go back to the previous screen or tap on the fares button on the top right to view fares for all services.

At the time of writing this article, Basic has a minimum rate of K30 and a maximum of K3,000 with a flag down fee of K3 and accumulation of rates is K0.25 per minute then K8.5 per kilometre. Ulendo for Business has a minimum price of K30, and a flag down fee of K3 and accumulation of rates is K0.3 per minute or K10 per kilometre. Tap on the X on the top left corner to close the Ulendo taxi rates screen and go back to the Choose screen service.

Tap on a service of choice,

the next screen to confirm your booking will show your pick up location,

tap on Add dropoff (type in your location or set a location on map),

tap on Note to add any further instructions for your pickup driver,

below are 3 circle icons (circle 1 payment, circle 2 selected service, circle 3 to set date and time of pickup),

tap on the Confirm booking button to book.

The app will triangulate your location and that of a cab nearest to you based on your location.

Payment Methods

You can use money from your wallet if you ever deposited some with your added debit or credit card. Cash is another option that is available in case you don’t have money in your Ulendo taxi app wallet. A newly introduced payment method is mobile money through the use of ZamPay.

Advantages of Ulendo

As a cab-hailing service, Ulendo taxi app is useful for several reasons, but I will mention a few.

  1. Fair charges

You will be charged fairly depending on how you use the service as the app driver and passenger app are in sync to track mileage as well as time. It is usually difficult to have fixed prices for distances with traditional cab drivers as some will charge you a higher rate depending on how you look or sound as highlighted by Zambian Youtuber Chuma Soko in the video below.

  1. No limitations to a cabby

You don’t have to remember a cab driver’s number any more or feel stranded when you are in a different location far from your usual cabby. Ulendo gives you the nearest cabby next to your location.

  1. You are safe

The most important feature about the Ulendo taxi app aside reliability is safety. Signing up to be a driver requires a vetting process by the company, that’s why I couldn’t review the driver version of the app here and the fact that signing up as a driver isn’t casual makes the platform safe. As a passenger, you have peace of mind that you are safe.

  1. Big community

There’s a big community behind Ulendo as the customer base is over 20,000. It can be safe to assume that Ulendo is here to stay for a long time. Looking at the number of already existing customers unless better competition comes along or the company fails to deliver.

The downside of Ulendo

Ulendo is a good app, but it has a disadvantage which isn’t really within its control, but here it is, the major challenge is when you don’t have internet access on your device due to bad network connectivity. It would be a good thing to know what contingency plans are there to help passengers use the service.

In closing

Ulendo is a great app, and I recommend that you have installed on your phone whether you have got a car or not. If you have a Legcedes Benz or Footsubishi like me, then Ulendo is a must-have app on your phone, but if you do have an actual car, you may want to sign up as a driver to offer lifts and make a passive income.

Thank you for reading.

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