A beta version of software is one that has been released for usability testing to identify known and unknown bugs. A beta software release is usually the first time a software version is released.

Limited use

Beta releases are rolled out to a limited audience of beta testers. Beta software is either available privately in an organisation or publicly to a select group of beta testers. Developers usually refer to beta software as a preview build. Beta testers help developers with necessary info about the performance of the software by reporting bugs or submitting recommendations. In some cases, beta software becomes widely used as was the case with Gmail which left its beta status on 17 July 2009, 5 years after its beta release on 1 April 2004.

Become a beta tester

Joining a beta program is easy in 2019. Start small by going to Google Play Store on your Android device and search for beta; many beta versions of apps will appear. Tap on a beta app of your and scroll down to the bottom then tap on join. It’s good to give feedback to developers in order for them to make the best app possible and some give rewards for your input.

2019 Beta Programs

Big notable beta programs in 2019 include Android Q and Windows 10 insider build program.

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