WhatsApp mod apps becoming popular than WhatsApp?

Some mod version apps of WhatsApp are becoming popular amongst WhatsApp users in comparison to the official app. The most surprising thing is that from the onset mods look like the official WhatsApp, are activated the same way, and you can communicate with users of the official WhatsApp. If you haven’t already known or noticed this then brace yourself.

There are mod versions of popular apps all over the internet and WhatsApp is one such app with mod versions. A mod app is a modified version of an official app by a third party, and any liability is no longer a responsibility of the official app developer.

There are many reasons why people modify apps. Some mods are meant to give app enhancements or unlock premium features. The many benefits that mod WhatsApp users enjoy are not available on the official app. The most widely used mod versions of WhatsApp are GB WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp mods give privileged privacy

On a mod version of WhatsApp, you can prevent people from noticing that you viewed their status but can still see them if they view yours. Some mods allow you to lock your WhatsApp.

No one deletes your WhatsApp messages

You can read messages that people deleted for everyone. This feature enables you to see a message that someone sent on impulse and decides to change their mind.


Mod versions of WhatsApp allow you to view statistics of your chats with each contact. You can view how many messages you have sent to a specific contact and how many they sent you back. Some mods go further to show you the size of media you sent out to a particular contact and what you got back.

Changing the look of your WhatsApp

Advanced theme customisation is present on most mod versions. You can change the colour of your icon, chat window, and chat bubbles to any colour, even gold.
Fonts can be changed to suit preference.
You can put a different chat background or wallpaper for each chat e.g. your partner’s face as a wallpaper in your chat with them and a friend’s face in a conversation with them.

The downside of using mod versions of WhatsApp are:

Whats mod apps are not official

Whatever problems that may result from the use of mod versions of WhatsApp are solely your piece of the pie as there is no one to take responsibility. Some mods might get tempered with and laced with malicious code to steal your money or payment information. Mods rarely have an official website due to fear of persecution and rely on peer action of sharing sites like mega, 4shared and zippy share.

Updates delay and are difficult at times

Since mod WhatsApp versions are not official, they take quite a while to update and have to be updated manually because there are not available in the official Google Play Store. WhatsApp is continuously updated and those that mod the apps have to work on the new mods. If you delay updating your mod, you may start to notice glitches like the emojis you receive don’t display or may luck in feature updates like group call when the official release has it.

Annoying ads

Some of the mods tend to have annoying ads, but that’s the only way the developers can generate revenue.

A ban on mods might be brewing

Since mods aren’t independent and rely on a communication relay with official WhatsApp users; Facebook may in the future block the relay or prevent the activation on mods like what happened to Wazapp on the Nokia N9.



Using a mod version of WhatsApp has its advantages and disadvantages, but the same goes for the official app. However, the official app is easy to install, update, and has no malicious code guaranteed. Knowing more stuff or having higher privileges than other people can affect how you communicate with them and paranoia might kick in. Please be careful where you download a mod version of WhatsApp.

If there is anything you need or would like to contribute, please use the comment section below. Are you thinking of switching to a mod version of WhatsApp?

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