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Zamtel 101: Everything you need to know as a subscriber

Zamtel is well-known for cheap data bundles, calling minutes and most recently, free unlimited Netflix access upon purchase of a 50GB data bundle or more.

There’s more to know about the green and purple mobile service provider beyond cheap calling minutes and data bundles. Here are 15 things to know about Zamtel as a subscriber.

1. Zamtel is one of the three mobile service providers with voice

There are only three mobile service providers with voice provision in Zambia, namely Airtel, MTN, and Zamtel. Other service providers offering 4G have cards that don’t have provision for voice calls, and this puts them at a disadvantage in a way. Microlink’s WIZ, CEC Liquid’s Hai LiTE and Vodafone, don’t have voice calling as a service in Zambia although Vodafone previously set out plans on releasing a voice over data service.

2. Mobile money is available on Zamtel

Mobile money has increased in Zambia since it was introduced about nine years ago when it first appeared on Airtel as Makwacha before it was officially launched and branded as Airtel Money.

Zamtel launched Zamtel Kwacha in 2017 as their answer to a mobile money solution for their subscribers and off-network customers. Although late to join the mobile money space, Zamtel happens to be very innovative like they were the first ones to introduce the service.

Zamtel has been innovative with Zamtel Kwacha as can be noticed from their effort to make their mobile money service and its auxiliary features valuable to not only their subscribers but businesses as well. Launched in 2018, ZamPay is one of the ways that Zamtel is using to make Zamtel Kwacha relevant.

Zampay amplifies mobile money

ZamPay is a mobile payment platform in the form of an app that enables users to make payments using QR (Quick Response) codes displayed by merchants. The ZamPay app has two versions available for download on the Google Play Store, ZamPay Customer (intended for buyers) and ZamPay Agent (intended for sellers): both apps have over 500 downloads on the Play Store alone. ZamPay is number neutral as it allows customers on other networks to make payments.

ZamPay is the first of its kind payment solution in Zambia; MTN has released a direct PoS (Point of Sale) integration service in Partnership with Barclays Bank Zambia to counter Zamtel’s solution.

The main feature of ZamPay is the Quick Response (QR) Code payment function. All that a customer will need to do is scan a retailers/merchant QR code and they will be on their way to a hassle free, cashless society. Zamtel

3. Connect is Zamtel’s all in one app

Zamtel introduced a mobile app for both Android and iOS dubbed Zamtel Connect. Zamtel Connect is designed to cater to the needs Zamtel subscribers for usual operation for value-added services on the network. As a subscriber, you can check airtime balance, buy airtime or bundles, locate stores, view or subscribe to offers, use Zamtel Kwacha, engage with customer care, read FAQs, and view promotions.

At the time of writing, the Android version of Zamtel Connect has over 10,000 downloads and 133 reviews (110 4 to 5 star and 2 1 to 3 star rating) on the Play Store but there is no data on the iOS version as Apple does not display the number of app downloads on the App Store, but there’s one review available (2 star rating).

The app was introduced to help reduce on the use of USSD codes although they are not that many like in the past, thanks to ZICTA’s intervention which introduced the use of universal codes for airtime balance query and top-up. However, mobile service providers, Zamtel included, are at liberty to use USSD codes of choice for their value-added services outside airtime top-up and balance inquiry.

4.Important network and USSD codes

In case you didn’t know, Zamtel has the Mobile Network Code (MNC) 03, which when combined with the Zambian Mobile Country Code (MCC) 645 becomes 645 – 03 (that’s what that weird 645-03 number means in your network settings). The easy thing to remember is that the Zambia Country Dial Code is +260 and the network code is 095, which when combined becomes +26095.

USSD codes on the network aren’t that many to remember and may get replaced entirely in the future by the Zamtel Connect app, but it is essential to know them as they are still relevant. Listed below are the top USSD codes to remember if you are a subscriber. Remember to dial:

  • *114# – to check your airtime balance
  • *113* – voucher number# – to recharge you line
  • *334# – to access Zamtel Kwacha
  • *355# – to buy a data bundle codes differ for Router 4G LTE cards
  • *335# – to subscribe to the Chadiba promotion
  • *422# – to subscribe to the Cheza4Eva promotion
  • *422# and then selecting option 1 – to subscriber to Chi Coin/Chabeba
  • *335*1# – to subscribe to Real Mahala Thrill On-Net 60mins
  • *335*2# – to subscribe to Real Mahala On-Net 100mins
  • *335*4# – to subscribe to Real Mahala All-Net 10mins

I guess those are not too many codes to remember, but if you have trouble remembering them, then download the Connect app. One of the things that won’t require you to remember or dial any codes is the Zamtel jobs portal.

5. Zamtel has a jobs portal

Whether you want to work at Zamtel or not, it’s a good thing to remember that Zamtel has a job portal and if you search Google for the term “job portal Zambia,” then know that the Zamtel HR portal will be one of the results.

The portal makes applying for a job very easy and has a job board manager that looks very similar to that of Go Zambia jobs to enable quick search of vacancies posted on the site. The jobs search feature is new and was not there some years ago. To upload credentials such as a CV or cover letter, you need to create an account, its free as Zamtel won’t charge you anything.

6. Landline and LTE

As a mobile service provider, they were not always trading or operating as Zamtel but Cell Z although the prior was the sister trademark allocated to the landline and ISP side of the company we know today. Zamtel is the primary landline provider in Zambia and was a leader in ADSL internet when it was a thing back then.

Due to being the only landline provider once upon a time, most businesses have Zamtel office lines. However, if you want to get in touch with them, you don’t need a landline or have to be on the network.

If you ever want to buy a second sim card but don’t want another number for voice calls, then you can opt for an LTE only sim card which gives you access to 4G internet on Zamtel and has a landline number(021) instead of the mobile number (095).

The 4G LTE sim card (the company says its 4.5G) works best in a router that’s why you are likely to get a recommendation to buy one. The sim card works in some select phones with 4G connectivity. When you purchase a 50GB internet bundle on Zamtel, you will get free unlimited access to Netflix and some social networks.

7. Zamtel Contact Details

Zamtel customer

If you are modern and would like to connect with Zamtel, then you can reach them on their Facebook page, but if social media is not for you, then you can contact them on their official website or send them an email to

You can dial the call centre on 111 if you are a subscriber. However, if you are not a subscriber or want to call for general inquiry, use +260 (211) 333 152 on landline or mobile during business hours.

To my old school readers who want the physical address, you can find their headquarters in Chilubi Road, Lusaka or write to the postal address Zamtel House, P.O. Box 37000, Lusaka, Zambia. Something to remember is that the self-service portal is no longer working.

In closing

Zamtel, as a green and purple theme branded network is growing strong and announced having more than 1.5 million subscribers.

Thank you for reading this article about Zamtel, and I hope you have found some new information on the services offered such as the internet, their many promotions or I at least did something to spark your memory. Make sure to read other articles on great topics to keep you informed and power your mind some more. Another great thing to do is subscribe to the mailing list to be the first in the know among your friends.

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